Stay Prepared for Flat Tires with These Tips

It's frustrating when you get stranded with a flat tire and don't know how to put on a spare. Our Cutter Volvo Cars associates can help Waipahu, HI drivers make the tire changing process hassle-free with these tips.

It's important that you're prepared for a flat tire with the right equipment: a car jack, wheel chocks, tire tools, flashlight, lug wrench, and an emergency warning device. Before you change your flat, find a safe place to park. Be sure to secure the car by turning off the engine and engaging the parking brake.

Reference your owner's manual to find out where you should position the car jack, but never place it under the suspension member or axle. Loosen up the lug nuts before you lift the vehicle. Once your vehicle is lifted, remove the lug nuts. After the wheel and tire are taken off, then you can put on the spare tire. Have your spare ire changed as soon as you can because compact spare tires are only made to go short distances.

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