This is How You Safely Load Cargo Into Your SUV or Wagon

If you have an SUV, there's a pretty good chance that you plan to load it with cargo for the ride ahead. But when you are loading cargo into your SUV or wagon, you want to make sure that you are doing it in a safe way.

First, write down a list of everything that you intend to load into the vehicle for your road trip. Make sure everything you plan to take is safe for road travel, and that all of your items are legal in every state you travel through. You should also know about your vehicle's unique cargo capabilities.

When loading cargo into your vehicle, make sure all items are secure and will not go flying if you turn or brake suddenly. Keep the essentials close to where you can reach them if you need to. And make sure to stop by and see us at Cutter Volvo Cars to have your vehicle serviced before your trip.

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