Tire Blowouts: What To Do When The Unexpected Occurs

At Cutter Volvo Cars, we know just how scary and dangerous tire blowouts can be. Luckily, Honolulu drivers can avoid these events by carefully inspecting their tires every several weeks. When evidence of damage, dry rot, and significant aging rear their heads, taking swift action to correct these problems could prove life-saving. If a blowout ever does occur, there are also things that people can do to ensure a safe and successful outcome.

Don't Brake

Don't slam on your brakes when your tire blows out. Try to keep your cool instead. Simply ease off of the accelerator so that the vehicle gradually slows. As your speeds decrease, start steering towards a safe area on the shoulder of the road.

Make Sure Other Drivers Can See You

Once your car is safely parked on the road's shoulder, set up a few reflective cones or flares so that others can easily see you. If you have a decent spare, go ahead and change your blown tire out. If your safety ever appears to be in question, however, wait for roadside assistance. To take advantage of our comprehensive tire care services, stop by Cutter Volvo Cars today.


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