If you are looking for vehicles for their safety, you are probably thinking about the safety ratings. One thing about vehicles is that there are at least two ratings systems that vehicles are subject to. These rating systems are IIHS and NHTSA. They have their rating processes and systems.

One difference between the way NHTSA rates vehicles and IIHS rates their vehicles in what they use. While NHTSA uses stars, the IIHS uses words from Poor to Good. The ideal vehicle to choose is one that has received five stars from NHTSA and a "Good" rating from IIHS.

Another key difference is in the way they test the vehicles. The NHTSA puts each vehicle through three different crash tests. Meanwhile, the IIHS puts each vehicle through five different tests. One of the tests the NHTSA puts vehicles through is a mathematical type of test in order to calculate the likelihood of a rollover.



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